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"Through The Violet Veil" Tarot Deck AND Work/Guide Book


**Includes Downloadable Work/Guide Book**

This tarot deck is a creation of my own design. 83 full-color cards that follow a new spin on traditional tarot. This deck is fantastic for beginners, professionals, and everyone who is looking to work with the wonderful divination tool that is tarot.

The digital download guidebook/workbook combination is the other powerful edition to this deck. With simple and easy-to-understand descriptions and over 120 creative journaling and drawing exercises, you will be guided to find your own understanding and healing within each card, deepening your own inner connection.
Included with the deck are a purple velvet drawstring bag, coupons for other services offered by Violet Imagery, and a digital download of the guidebook and workbook.
This tarot deck is the perfect way to tap into your own special magic!


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