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Hello and welcome to Violet Imagery!
For the last 5 years we have strived to create powerful tools and resources to help people LEARN more about themselves, GROW through all of life's experiences, and EVOLVE into their highest potential.
With over 30 years of combined experience we have taken some majorly complex metaphysical teachings and broken them down into understandable and amazingly simple bite sized pieces. Here you can learn about Tarot, Astrology, and most of all YOURSELF! With easy to use guides and workbooks for all levels of self discovery, classes that dive even deeper with group Q&As, and one on one services that can reveal the deepest knowledge directly from your guides and higher self... there is no better place to continue your journey within.
Just to top it all off, this is the only place you will ever find our exclusive Tarot and Oracle decks! "Through the Violet Veil", "Be a House", and "Astrology Made Easy" are one of a kind, self drawn and produced, limited editions.