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15Min Intuitive Card Reading

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15 min intuitive card reading 

These readings aren't for the faint of heart. The cards tell me what you NEED to hear, not always what you WANT to hear. But on the other side of that open mind is deep healing and validation of YOUR inner truth.


Topics can include but are not limited to: connection to a Guide or passed loved one, blockages of energy and the trauma that created it, soul contracts and your connection to the people around you, past life information and release, guidance for the path forward, healing for the past path, self care and personal development, realizing and release of patterns and cycles, career, abundance, and financial stability, love life and past love healing and cord cutting, messages from your higher self, and overall universal wisdom and encouragement, and so much more.


Things You Will NEED Before The Session

  • Notebook
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • A Quiet Space Where You Won't Be Disturbed
  • An Open Heart

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
💜Only Jordan

I was at a festival and a friend said Jordan was the only person she would trust with readings. I had to visit. Instantly I felt a connection and was in awe with her knowing. Previous readings were only as deep as the booklet meanings of cards and she went into a depth that amazed me - like her soul connected with every guide to meet me. It’s been 8 mos and everything she read has come to be— EVERYTHING! Each tiny detail has come to pass and continues to come to fruition in life, love, home, and business. I won’t go anywhere else 💜

Spot on!

I have never had a tarot card reading and was excited to have my first experience at Paracon. As I walked up to her booth, I wondered if she could tell me in what direction my career was going to go. She asked me if I wanted to focus on something specifically or if I wanted to see what came up. I told her let's just see what comes up. Lo and behold, the majority of the reading was about my career. What I was not expecting though was the incredibly impactful advice that she gave involving healing and forgiveness. I look forward to potentially getting another reading in the future!

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